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Movie Idea: Showing the most important human events in history as a personal fight between God (Morgan Freeman) and Satan (Samuel L Jackson)

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In the beginning of the movie it looks obvious that Morgan is the polite sophisticated good guy (God)
and Samuel the sarcastic bad guy that likes to uses Morgan's name in vain (Satan).

But later in the movie the viewers become confused and at the end they will have to decide for themselves. Hell, at the end of the movie it's not even clear if they are really God or Satan. Maybe they are both just mentally ill homeless guys with a very fascinating imagination. Or just one black schizophrenic apple loving neckbearded hipster with a lot of his parents money he spends on mushrooms and bluray disks of Carl Sagan and David Attenborough.

Maybe ... maybe the movie is really a documentary about reality with Morgan and Samuel as commentators but at the end they get in to an argument that turns in to a conflict and become bigger and bigger until they try to get at each other using humanity as an unwilling and unknowing victim.
(but suspicious not the less, damn be the gods!)

Script so far:

So no intro, no explanation. The movie just starts with Morgan and Samuel standing over a pool of water with (supposedly) some single cell organisms in it. (on a desolated earth like it looked millions of years ago). The camera slowly rotates around them.

Samuel sniffs his nose in discontent and delivers the opening line:
"Not much going on here, I told you this reality was lame and this universe meaningless"

Morgan: "You are always so impatient, I still can't forget what you did with these [incomprehensible name] from 3456789876"

Samuel, a little tense: "They asked for it!"

Morgan, very calm: "They did not"

/the camera rotates until something is blocking our view and when the camera has panned around the viewers obstruction our characters are gone , we watch the scene for a while .... then it slowly fasts forwards faster and faster and faster

/next scene, millions of years later
Morgan and Samuel looking at the first creatures to leave the sea:

Morgan looks pleased: "Ha, within a billion years"

Samuel looks annoyed "I am not doing it"

Morgan: "You can't break a promise"

Samuel: "Whatever"

/same way of filming it with the camera. If there are living creatures in the scene, right before Morgan and Samuel disappear, they block our view with either the dumbest expression possible or they very violently kill something.

/same fast forward that slowly picks up speed.

/next scene
Morgan and Samuel looking at the first dinosaur alike creature

Samuel with a look of surprise, very slowly saying: "Mo-ther-fuck-er!"

/camera pans so we can see Morgan his facial expression

Morgan does not look surprised or pleased, just neutral with a face like he is being Morgan Freeman and the universe rotates around him.

/next scene
Morgan and Samuel looking at the first ape like creature

Morgan: "Remarkable, he kind of resembles my sons residual self image"

Samuel: "2 legs, 2 arms, a head .... Jesus"

morgan looks at Samuel with this "seriously?" face

/next scene
Morgan and Samuel looking at the first dead body of an ape after the first ape murder
(we only see the horrible bloody ape body, no other context)

Morgan: "Oh my"

Samuel: "Looks like we have work to do"

Morgan: "New branch?"

Samuel: "I am not so sure a better brain is the solution"

/next scene
Morgan and Samuel looking at the first homo erectus that is trying to walk upright

Samuel: "He needs a bigger dick"

Morgan: "Excuse me?"

Samuel: "His penis, *points at small penis*"

Morgan: "What's the matter with his reproductive organ?"

Samuel: "It's to small"

Morgan: "Oh grow up"

*Samuel breaks a little bit of character and smiles*

/next scene

Samuel looking at the first time a human like creature killed an animal using a self made weapon.

Samuel looks at this watch, (on clock rotation equals 1.114 billion years)

Samuel: "Hmm, they were suppose to be here"

/camera panning Samuel out of view at the exact time the human strikes with his weapon, the camera now stops moving and shows the same place.
Animal and human get out of view

/accelerating fast forward, this time only about 10 minutes

/we see the animal dragging the death human by his foot toward its nest. The human plan failed

/camera pans around the dead body

/Morgan appears

*Morgan looks at watch* (watch either shows a 0 or a 1, or a very fast random alternation between the two)

Morgan: "Did time come first, or did space come first?"

/group of sexy cave woman pass by looking for the unfortunate dead cave inventor, Morgan disappears in the middle of them. Jennifer Lawrence is playing one of the cave woman. This was before the invention of the bra and depending on the budget of the movie even before the invention of clothing.

/next scene
Samuel and Morgan are having a relaxing picnic on the top of the mount everest. They are taking turns looking through a big telescope (like ridiculous big) towards africa. The weather is horrible around them but where they are sitting the snow is gone and it looks like a miniparadise.

Samuel, while watching something: "You know, I could live like this"

Morgan: "What do you mean?"

Samuel turns the telescope a little bit and keeps looking: "I could stay here for a while, this planet is beautiful".

Morgan: "What would you do?"

Samuel: "What would I do?, what would YOU do!"

Morgan: "What would I do?"

Samuel turn the telescope again: "You need me" ... *some time passes while Samuel keeps looking* ..."To challenge you"

Morgan: "There is a harsh truth you have to face, my friend"

Samuel stops looking, turns around towards morgan: "Don't talk about that"

Morgan: "You are not thinking enough about it"

Samuel looks in the telescope again: "So?"

Morgan: "Your ego is changing"

Samuel drops his shoulders, turns around, looks at morgan again and says the same line again but louder: "So?"

Morgan: "Not thinking about something doesn't make the problem go away"

Samuel walks towards Morgan and stand in front of him: "I am not the only one with issues"

Morgan: "My issues don't concern you"

Samuel turn around and walk towards the telescope again: "Well maybe the don't, but maybe they do"

/camera pans outside paradise area, it's so dark of snow now we can't see them anymore

/fast forward million of years again

/next scene
Samuel and Morgan are back at the top of the mount everest. Its shape has changed since last time. They are having another picnic and drinking something that looks like wine.

Morgan, a bit cozy and jovial: "And so I just forgot about infinity, and the whole concept instantly collapsed on to itself"

Samuel laughing: "I once tried to create a reality that is not projectable using mathematics"

Morgan: "And?"

Samuel: "It gave me a headache!"

Morgan: "You can't have one, you are a god"

Samuel: "That confused me too"

Both gods are laughing and drinking and eating and having a good time while watching planet earth through that humongous telescope on the top of the mount everest.

/camera speeds up time and pans around the top one day and night cycle, and then slowly back to normal time

Samuel and Morgan are having a discussion, the atmosphere is tensed

Morgan raises voice: "It was wrong!"

Samuel serene: "They did not have a concept or right or wrong!"

Morgan shouting: "They might have developed one later in time"

Samuel shouts: "Fuck time! I did the calculations, who cares about another plane of existence that is no longer. The only inhabitants would have ended their own lives anyway. All that would have been left was stupid matter"

Morgan: "You always do that, you always think you are right. You never show me the calculations. You did the same thing with [same incomprehensible name as in the beginning]

Samuel: "You want me to show you the calculation about THIS place!"

Morgan: "By all means do!"

Samuel starts growing bigger and bigger, Morgan follows a small amount of time later.
They now are giants on the top of the mount everest. The time is around the time human beings became farmers instead of only hunter/gathering.

Samuel starts writing complicated psychohistorical formulas in the snow with the tip of a big ass awesome giant sword

Morgan, while watching Samuel, is becoming more and more upset (and now has very deep giant voice):
You can't be serious! If that WILL be THE OUTCOME then YOU must have CHANGED some parameters.

Samuel stops writing the formulas: "Now why would I have done that, we did not even have any plans with this reality or this universe nor did we think about this tiny blue planet before we saw it.

Morgan is really pissed now. Storm clouds all around the mountain: "Fine, well why don't WE undo MY work? BACKWARDS THIS TIME"

/morgan disappears, this time we see it Biblo ring style.
/samuel follows a little later, he disappears by blending in to the environment.

/small picnic paradise starts to freeze over, the stuff left behind gets picked up by a wind that is rapidly increasing in strength.

/it starts to rain

/rains harder and harder

/camera zooms out over the entire himalaya

/time passes, still raining

/valleys are filling with water

/camera zooms in on people in tribes that are fighting for there lives

/the last thing we see is a cave man almost drowning with his fists towards the heavens cursing the gods

/it rains for 40 days and 40 nights. The water for the rain is coming from the second atmosphere around the world that has a lot of h20 in it in some bounded molecular gas form and from water reserves deep inside the earth. Because of the shifting of water masses the earth now spins around a slightly tilted axis, changing the global weather and seasons.

/next scene

/guy on boat full with baby animals and a very annoyed wife that does not like the smell of poo
/we see the live on board for and we see the last remaining dino eggs being eaten by the guy's hillbilly son.

Some guy walks on the ship looking at all the animals that were saved and the sleeping guy and woman and their children with their wives.

Some guy mumbles: "Good, good", and walks right through the wall on the end of the ship.
We don't know if it was either Morgan or Samuel in disguise. This part should be played by a very serious looking Jim Carrey

/next scene
Samuel and Morgan are looking at the tower of babel being build. They are on a mountain overlooking the scene from a big distance. While they are talking the tower is being build in fast forward time.

Morgan looking thrilled : "Look at the magnificent tower they are building!"

Samuel looking annoyed : "Look at the slaves that are building the shit!"

Anyway, I am going to leave it at that for tonight. I might come back to this thread now and then and write some more silly dialog.

Oh and one more thing: In the entire movie both Morgan and Samuel are butt naked in every scene but at the end of the movie you don't even notice this anymore. Also they sometimes appear as white skinned versions of themselves , sometimes as asian skinned, etc etc. You get the picture.

Grammatica fouten mogen gemeld worden, zullen er wel een gigantisch aantal zijn.

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Ik scan even en zag deze:
Morgan: "You can't brake a promise" Dat moet dus break zijn :P Anders ga je remmen ;)

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thx, keep em coming. Mijn brein corrigeert tijdens het lezen automatisch mijn eigen spelfouten dus zolang de spellingscontrole het woord wel kent zie ik de fout gewoon niet.
Komt omdat ik scannend lees. Dat gaat wel lekker snel naar betekent ook dat ik dus niet alle letters lees, maar mijn brein aan de hand van een aantal letters zelf een woord kiest. :P

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Gramatica fouten mogen gemeld worden, zullen er wel een gigantisch aantal zijn.
Grammatica :Y)

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|:( stomme chrome spellingscontrole kan niet overweg met Nederlands en Engels door elkaar heen.

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Samuel: "He needs a bigger digck"

Morgan: "Excuse me?"

Samuel: "His penis, *points at small penis*"

Morgan: "What's the matter with his reproductive organ?"

Samuel: "It's too small"

Morgan: "Oh grow up"

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En probeer nu eens de namen van de karakters te noemen i.p.v. de acteurs.
En dan eens proberen of het met andere acteurs ook leuk zou zijn...

Door Tweakers user Timo, woensdag 17 juli 2013 20:23

Je zou er ook goed aan doen om alle shots/scenes te nummeren.

/volgende scene staat beetje stom.

Je kan eens kijken op de IMSDB (internet movie script database) voor opmaak voorbeelden. Ben je puur textueel aan het nadenken of ook visueel (denk het laatste gezien je gebruik van plaatjes) dan zou je ook kunnen kijken of je 'shots' kan benoemen.

Dolly shot, pan. Handheld.

Grappig scriptje verder ;-)

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