Donald Trump and Mike Pence are relaxing on the roof of the white house.

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When suddenly Trump has a briljant idea.

"Hey Mike", Trump says puffing away on a blunt, "you know what would be great?"

"If the NSA would issue you a shadowban on the entire internet?" Pence replies while sipping from his bottle of made-with-real cocaine Coca-Cola.

"Yeah yeah, smartass I am not talking politics right now. We should have some fun, that would be great."

"My ears are yours."

"Okay, let's play a game of chicken."

"What do you have in mind ... oh president my president."

"Don't call me that, you know I hate that term, brrrrrr work. No! Listen up. See I was just smelling my euh reefer here ..."


"... and it reminded me of ... get ready for this ... ... ... ... the most feared animal in North America!"

"Clinton's secret orangutan Chad?"


"Yeah they say he trained him to bring him the football and type in the first four numbers just to see Hillary go bonkers so he could have some .. alone time .. if you know what I mean."

"Jesus Christ what was wrong with that guy?"

"Well it's been 16 years now and we will have the joint strike fighter program produce a flying plane before somebody in the whitehouse strikes the last of his left over stash of joints."

"It's pretty great stuff, hahahaha ... just a little stronger and the Oslo accords might have produced lasting peace!"

Both man laugh like normal people.

"No pency, hihi pencie pencie. No I was talking about a skunk!"

"Skunk? but you have ..."

"I mean the animal."

"I don't think I follow .. I mean I do on twitter but ..."

"We should totally see who is brave enough to hang out with a skunk!"

" Euh, I don't know if ..."

"Come on, ..mother ... is not here."

"I don't think that is a good idea, it's a very nasty smell..."

" I am your president, I can command you to"

"I don't like to be commanded, you know that. Fuck you Donald, fuck you!"

"Ah, come on. Hey pencie ... COME ON!"

**" Alright, alright .. you know I can't resist my donald, the greatest presi...

"Yeah yeah, save the gerrywankering for later. Here give me your phone and let me give that secret service guy Steve a call, he knows somebody that works at the Smithsonian Zoo"

Four hours later.

"Alright mikey boy, here is the deal. In that bathroom is a skunk. As soon as you go in, I start this timer. And when you can't take it anymore and come out I will stop the timer. And then I go in and we will see who is brave and who is a pwoook pwoook pwoook chicken. hehe"

"Okay, let's do this .... Leeeeroooy Jenkins"

Mike Pence takes a final breath and storm in to the bathroom.

One minute passes

Two minutes pass.

Three minu .... the door opens and Mike Pence stumbles through it and vomits all over the place.

"Bweehehe .... wharzzzaaargh.... how many minutes ...?"

"Only two minutes, look I have the time here ... see? Now it is my turn. Take my Rolex and please Mike ... don't vomit on it. Or I will tell Karen"

"Bewzzwaargh oowoowoh, you leave my mother out of this!"


Trump takes a deep breath and opens the door.

30 seconds later the skunk comes flying out.

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Leuk eind :)

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Door Tweakers user d1zzje, maandag 6 november 2017 10:36

En hoeveel had je zelf gerookt voordat je dit stukje aan het schrijven was.

Door Tweakers user Kain_niaK, maandag 6 november 2017 15:38

d1zzje schreef op maandag 6 november 2017 @ 10:36:
En hoeveel had je zelf gerookt voordat je dit stukje aan het schrijven was.
Ik rook alleen pijp. Net als mijn grootvader die rookte ook alleen pijp.

Door Tweakers user PDZ, woensdag 8 november 2017 20:34

Tsjah, ik vind het maar een vreemd soort humor hoor...

Om te kunnen reageren moet je ingelogd zijn. Via deze link kun je inloggen als je al geregistreerd bent. Indien je nog geen account hebt kun je er hier één aanmaken.